How To Migrate To Canada Without IELTS

People have diverse reasons why they want to leave a country, for many it’s due to the hardship and lack of opportunity for them to be self-reliant financially. The current situation of things in the country is not even helping matters. Since the 2016 recession, droves of Nigerians have migrated to either Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or the United States of America which is the most difficult to migrate to.

Furthermore the bottle necks posed by these countries to get resident permit has discouraged a lot of Nigerians from applying for citizenship in those countries. Canada for one is accepting foreigners to come and help develop their country, the catch is you must pass all the criteria outlined by Canadian government.

One major criteria apart from having sufficient funds in your bank account is the IELTS (test of English language) examination. This examination has barred many Nigerians from entering into Canada even though they qualify financially and professionally.

A close friend of mine (name withheld) has spent upward of 500,000 naira writing the exam, from the last time we spoke he has written the examination 3 times with no luck. This has left him frustrated without any other option than to write the examination again. Many Nigerians are also in this category, facing the dilemma of whether to remain in the country or keep burning money writing the exam.

If you are one of the persons in this category, I have good news for you. I have researched other avenues in which you can migrate to Canada without IELTS. There are other legal means to get into Canada without IELTS which this eBook will show you. You don’t have to break your head or feel depressed any longer, I have done all the research work for you and it is proven to have worked for all my clients who have chosen their options wisely.

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